Book - Annulments

BOOK - Rebuilding

Your group has found safety and support with each other on the parish property. That's a good thing and you want to help them keep coming back.  Here's how:

Surviving_Divorce___LogoInvite them to 12 more weeks of SURVIVING DIVORCE.
People usually benefit from a second 12-week group where they will see and hear things they did not catch the first time. "I was in a different place after 12 weeks; I'm glad I did it again!" is a common response we hear from group members.  Invite them back for no charge (they already have their Personal Guide) and encourage them to be a support to the new people. Don't let them pop in and out, though. Each group should be comprised of those who can make a commitment to be there all the way not just for themselves . . . but for each other.

intro_tob_bundleDig more deeply into our faith.
Did Christopher West stir some interest in "Theology of the Body" when you watched the DVDs? Do you want to deepen your prayer life, or understand how to deal with emotions from a Catholic perspective? Ascension Press DVD programs and study guides make it easy.   Resources are available for no risk trial periods. Check it out!

Start your own bible study
The Great Adventure bible resources are a fun and easy way to start. Don't try to wing it or it may be the blind leading the blind! Use recommended resources that are faithful to Church teachings and that can guide you.

Host an Annulment workshop.
Ask your local diocesan tribunal if someone would be willing to offer aDefenderof_the_Bondworkshop at your parish. Canon law is complex...because people's hearts are don't rely on someone who may unintentionally confuse or mislead. If you need some assistance in this area, contact Rose Sweetto bring a workshop to your area.

Start a Book Study.
Give your group a list of books on the last night  and ask if they want toreading_bookcontinue with a 6-week or longer study. Order the book How to Understand and Petition for your Decree of Nullity and then download the book study guide here. Some churches use Rose's book Dear God, Send Me a Soul Mate for an 8-week group. 

Delightful and uplifting books include Rose's NEWEST, A Catholic Woman's Guide to HAPPINESS and A Catholic Woman's Guide to ROMANCE.

For tackling parenting problems, any of Dr. Ray Guarendi's books are easy and fun to read/discuss. Jesus Shock by Peter Kreeft is short and an easy read but a profound book on authentic spirituality.  Keep it simple.

Start a Weekly Movie Club
Coffee and cookies or wine and cheese..with a movie! Access  many award-winning and beautiful Catholic films on the lives of the saints and more, distributed by Ignatius Press, that will help tpo heal and inspire. You can purchase the films or access them through your parish's FORMED program. 

Watch Father Calloway's Testimony
Due to his mom's multiple divorces, Father had three dads by the time he was 10 ytars old. But there is hope for all children of divorce. This one-hour video is dramatic and deeply inspiring! Watch HERE.