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ClassroomWe help you roll this program out diocese wide!

Rose Sweet brings her wit and wisdom to help train those who (or who wish to) facilitate a SD program in their parish or diocese. Attendees will learn how to promote the program, avoid common pitfalls, handle questions about annulments, deal with difficult personalities, and much more.

Mini-trainings are also offered for clergy, ministers, and seminarians to help them be pastorally sensitive while still clearly upholding--and being able to explain--the beauty and logic of Church teachings.

An annulment workshop can be a way to inform anyone interested (ministers, leaders, or even the whole parish) in simple terms how the Church can determine nullity.

Our evening for the divorced is one of encouragement, hope, and healing as Rose offers practical ways to find the love that truly satisfies.

Full-Day Leader Training

For Clergy and Seminarians

Annulment Workshop

Evening for the Divorced

Call Rose at 760.831.6238 or email  to schedule an event in your area