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God surely brings hope and healing through the videos,  but the greatest benefits of a support group are coming together with others which provides:

  • assurance that one is not alone
  • a place to tell one's story and be heard
  • accountability to a structured program for healing
  • mutual support and accountability to each other
  • benefits of trained leadership and guidance
  • a safe place to ask the tough questions

But when in-person meetings are not possible you can:

  • set up a free account at Ascension Press HERE
  • invite group members to register
  • release the video one at a time to the group (to be watched at home) FAQ HERE
  • set up weekly meetings via Skype or Zoom 
  • facilitate the meeting for for follow up discussion and support.

For help, contact Ascension Press customer support HERE.

facebook-iphone_1Join Other Leaders on Facebook!
Hundreds of leaders from all over the world meet on Facebook to exchange ideas, share tips, ask questions, and pray for one another. Rose Sweet posts items of interest, what is happening with the program, and updates on where the people in the videos are today!  Surprise visitors include Father Steve Porter and some of the "stars" of the DVDS.

The group is private and no one outside can see who is in the group of what is posted.   To join, send Rose Sweet a "Friend Request" through FB, and once accepted, you'll be added to the group. Have fun!

Post your GROUP on the "Ascension Study Map"
While this is not a class but a support group, it is classified as one of Ascension Press' many parish studies. To help people find your group:

1-  Sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT at
2 - Select "Lead a Study" and complete your group location info.
3 - Click "Display on STUDY LOCATOR MAP"

You can customize your group listing with info such as:

  • Parish Name
  • Parish address, City, State ZIP
  • Room where meeting is held
  • Facilitator Name(s) and Contact Phone(s)
  • Facilitator(s)  contact email 
  • Cost pp for 12 weeks
  • If child care is available