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The program is best as a 12-week PARISH GROUP, with leader direction and the parish/peer support that can't be found when you view the shows alone. If you can't find a group near you (Find a Parish Group) you can purchase and view the DVDs along with the "Personal Guide".

The fullest healing from divorce happens from the inside out. The twelve DVD sessions are broken into three groups that start with getting one’s mental and emotional  bearings.

Sessions 1-4 .....  Finding PERFECT PEACE


The key to surviving and even growing stronger through divorce begins with the individual first finding his or her own inner balance (mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually).   How can one begin that healing? By inviting God right into the middle of the mess; by beginning to live by what he or she knows to be true, not just what they are feeling today. Trust in God, even when it seems difficult. And remember that friendship with Jesus Christ is the only source of lasting peace.

Sessions 5-8  ......Finding PERFECT POWER

Confession__POWER2The many losses that happen during a divorce cause a devastating sense of powerlessness. It’s normal to try to regain some sense of control, but that can set a person into years of bitter battles for what they think is fair. Anger, bitterness, resentment, and self-pity can keep the divorced person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually weak. When a person has his/her life surrendered to and centered in Christ, the real power comes in forgiveness, detachment, and acceptance. Grace makes that possible!

Sessions 9 - 12 ... Finding PERFECT PASSION

purple_EucharistDivorced people tend to either recoil from relationships, frantically pursue them, or bounce back and forth between the two in an effort to avoid the pain of being alone. Marriage, annulment, love, sex, and dating are addressed in these last sessions that  introduce the principles found in the "Theology of the Body". This revolutionary look at romance will lead to a passionate love for God and an intimate encounter with Him in the Eucharist. He alone can truly feed the hungry heart; He alone is the Love that truly satisfies.

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