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Quick Pulpit Announcements

The very BEST way to get the word out about this program is for time at the pulpit at every Mass in a given weekend . . . where you also have flyers in the vestibule and ads in the bulletin. And better yet, a table outside the foyer.

                                     There's only one little problem . . .

Pulpit time is often hard to get, and no wonder: every ministry is vying for the chance to reach the whole parish. The pastor doesn't always give permission to everyone; he may also be leery or even reluctant because of those who drone on and on and take far too long before the Mass is ended.

We have the solution . . . ONE MINUTE PULPIT ANNOUNCEMENTS that will make the parishioners wake up,sit up, and take notice!

Just remember these quick tips:

1 - DON'T spend this precious face-time reading the details of meetings times, dates and places. That's already in the bulletin or flyer.

2 - DO bring something appropriately personal into it If you can (see below). People want to listen to you if you will reveal something of yourself and why you're there. But they don't want gory details or your life history . . . and neither does the pastor.

3 - DO invite the entire parish to be "Red Cross foot soldiers" to go out to their neighborhoods, homes, and workplaces (the battlefield of our culture)  to get the word to those they know who are separated and divorced (the wounded). Call them to action..ask them to take a flyer or bulletin home.

4 - DO practice your announcement and time it. Prune it back to one minute and Father will be shocked . . . and happy(!) . . . and will invite you back again later in the year.

Sample #1
(Lean into the microphone and look out at the crowd) "DIVORCE . . . (pause)  . . .has affected everyone here today, whether it's you, a family member, friend or coworker.  It happens, and it hurts. Our parish is here to help the separated and divorced AND their families. We're excited to start a new 12-week program (date) and you can find all the details in the bulletin/ on the flyer. (and I'll be at the table after Mass) Will you be the foot soldiers we need to bring the wounded in from the battlefield? PLEASE pick up a flyer and take it with you for someone who needs direction, help, and most of all . . . God's healing LOVE. Thank you."

Sample #2
"The Bad News is . . . I'm DIVORCED. (Pause...look at them). I never wanted it, it's been hell,  and I still struggle with certain issues. BUT the Good News is, the Church is here to help!  I had a million questions . .  and the Church has not let me down. Some days I've had a million emotions . . . and now, thanks to our parish,  I ..and others like me, maybe YOU or someone dear to YOU, someone you WORK with...have a place to go.  Our next 12-week support group starts (date) and all the details are in the bulletin (and I'll be outside after Mass). PLEASE pick one up and take the GOOD news to someone you know. Thanks."

Sample #3
"It's true . . . there's no such thing as "Catholic Divorce" . . . (pause to catch attention)..but millions of Catholics DO get civilly divorced. And it affects and hurts us all. Maybe you or someone you know has suffered the breakdown of the marriage and family, or maybe they are going through it right now. No matter how long it's been, the Church IS HERE to help and wants her children get the best healing. That's why our parish is starting a new, 12-week support group with details in the bulletin. You probably know SOMEONE who could use this good news . . . won't you please take a bulletin/ flyer and pass it on to them?  Thanks."