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Plan a COME and SEE Night !

Have you planned your next 12-week SURVIVING DIVORCE Session?

Let people in the parish and community know by hosting a COME and SEE Night about three to four weeks before (allowing people to plan for the 12 weeks).

  • Announce the event from the pulpit at least a week before.
  • Invite anyone who has divorced family or friends to come see, too.
  • Put the details in the bulletin (use our graphics!) 
  • Schedule it for a one hour time period. Start and end on time.
  • Provide wine and cheese, coffee and cookies, or some other inviting hospitality.
  • Make the seating comfortable.
  • Set up a table with flyers and other helpful materials. 
  • You can cut-and-paste information from this website onto single "info"sheets. (You may use the image below)
  • Include registration sheets for the upcoming group.
  • Provide a sheet with the COMMON MYTHS about divorce.
  • Order books to have on display and give away as a prize. 
  • Invite Father to say a word (not necessary, though).
  • Welcome the people and talk about the program (15 min +/-).
  • Invite previous group members to briefly share what SD has doe for them; people love inspiring testimonials!
  • Show the 10-minute clip from Show No. 1.
  • Have an open Q & A but set limits on the topics. Personal issues like, "Why can't my daughter receive Communion...?", are bound to come up. Unless you are fully capable of answering these questions, defer them to the website "Common Questions" or have Father standing by.