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How to Help Your Pastor

Business_card_for_priestsWhen a separated or divorced person walks into Father’s office, make it easy for him to point the person to the wide range of local available groups, product, and other help in this tough time. Give him a simple business card--one he can keep in his desk drawer or wallet--that says it all. Here’s how:

( 1 )      Create a single website page that includes helpful information, product, and links for the separated and divorced.  This makes it easy for every priest, minister, or lay person to access the information with one click, and requires no printed materials such as expensive brochures. You can do this one of three ways:

Diocesan Website - Contact your diocese and ask that you be able to   add a single page on their website regarding the availability of local divorce groups, resources, and other helpful product and links. You will provide their webmaster with a mock-up, images, and links which you can “grab” from our website.

Parish Website – If the diocese website is not available to you, create a page on your parish website and ask that the diocese create a special box, image or link to direct viewers to YOUR parish website which you maintain.

Your own website – You can purchase a domain name at other similar site for under $10.00 a year and set up a simple site that lists the local meeting dates and times and links to our SURVIVING DIVORCE website. Ask the parish and the diocese to include links on THEIR website to your site.

( 2 )      Put a standing ad in all parish bulletins using the SD logo (available on this website): Separated? Divorced? The Church is here for YOU. Then include the image, url, and / or phone number.

( 3 )      Print business cards with the url and give to all diocesan priests and deacons. Make it simple with good color or graphics: Separated? Divorced? The Church is here for YOU. Then include the url for the diocesan, parish, personal, or SURVIVING DIVORCE website.

What you should have on the local parish/diocesan webpage:
Local SD group meeting info and contact names/ numbers
Short blurb on annulment and a link to the diocesan tribunal page with fuller explanation
Commonly asked questions – link to the SD website
List of local Catholic attorneys
List of Local Catholic therapists
Image of a good/ helpful book and link to a purchase site.
Encouraging quote(s) from a Catholic source
Picture of patron saints of the divorced (see our website)
Anything else you think appropriate and helpful.

Use beautiful graphics and SD logos/ images for best effect.