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Fund A Parish Group

The modest expense of the DVDs, Leader Guide(s) and Personal Guides is meant to be fully and quickly recaptured; this program should not COST you A CENT.

Here's how:

Charge a modest fee to the group participants.
Other parishes are successfully charging participants a "class fee"  that  ranges from $15 to $60, with an average of about $35 for the 12 weeks. With the first ten people, this completely covers the cost of the program! It also amply covers the ongoing costs of the "Personal Guides"! 

Most people are used to paying for group therapy programs, continuing ed classes, and the like charge about $100 per person and up.  With this program the attendee receives six hours of Catholic experts on video plus continuing adult catechesis, and another twelve or more hours of group support. Priceless!

Professionals also advise that for any type of recovery or interior growth program the participant must invest something more than his or her time.  Groups that charge fees are proven to have a higher and more consistent attendance, less dropouts, and more emotionally present and dedicated group members.

Ask a parish ministry to sponsor your group.
Often the men's club or women's guild will have modest funds available to support other parish causes. Send a representative to their next meeting and ask to show the first 10 minutes of "Session 1 - Getting Your Bearings".  It includes a good overview of the series and the Catholic experts. They all have family, friends, or even adult children who are divorced--and maybe they have been divorced themselves. Ask for their support.

Have a "Divorce Awareness" Sunday.
Ask the pastor to introduce your ministry and include divorced and separated and their families in the Prayer of the Faithful at every weekend Mass. Have someone at a table outside all the Masses with your group information and maybe baked goods for sale.  Working with the pastor, consider part of the collection might cover the program costs. Don't forget the flyers and standing bulletin ads we make available to you.