Book - Annulments

BOOK - Rebuilding

For Clergy & Seminarians

Do you know how to speak the language of the separated and divorced?  The separated and divorced will often come to you with high emotions and low hopes. Their fears and misunderstandings of Church teachings can present a problem . . . but can also be a time for great healing, increased understanding, and deep conversion.  We can help you.

Clergy and Seminarian Training Workshop 
3 hours 
This presentation is designed for clergy, religious and laity who minster to the divorced on any level and includes: how to be pastorally sensitive and still uphold the truth, what the separated or divorce person really wants from you. what never to say to the separated or divorced, how to explain basic Church teachings on marriage/ divorce/ annulment/ remarriage so people can UNDERSTAND, pitfalls to avoid, and more. Includes a brief summary of the program mechanics and support for finding and training parish leaders.

"The seminarians still talk about your day with us.  They were unanimous is saying it was one of the best!"
Rev. Thomas DeVries - Director of Spiritual Formation, St. Francis de Sales Seminary WI

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