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Movies can minister to the DIVORCED

No matter your age or parenting status, as a divorced person you are going to be alone more than ever. It’s a time for self-reflection, prayer…and MOVIES!

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God is everywhere, ready and waiting to speak to you about His truth, goodness, and beauty. And He uses any means He can to reach your heart, including films that speak of trials and triumphs, courage and redemption, laughter and grace. That’s why we call it CinemaTHERAPY.

Try searching “Catholic Movies” at Amazon. You’ll find some of those listed below. And we love Netflix. You can use our movie list below to build your “queue” and have them sent directly to your home or office in the mail or have them streamed into your computer or TV. Google if Netflix doesn’t have the movie you want. What could be easier?  If you want to recommend a movie not on the list, email us with your input.

Some of these movies will make you cry, and that's good . . . we all need to get the grief out. BUT DO NOT rent romantic movies! No films about missing children, Jane Austen love stories, or action films about the star-crossed lovers. Don’t DO it!  You might as well pour salt in your wound or stab yourself in the eye.  Okay, can watch those if you want! But you have been warned. The time for those will come again.

Action Adventure
National Treasure  - Enemy at the Gates - The Italian Job -
The Sting - The Ten Commandments - Ben Hur (1959)
Spartacus - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Pirates of the Caribbean - Gladiator - 3:10 to Yuma - Braveheart - Gunga Din

True Inspirational Stories
Taking Chance (Kevin Bacon) - End of the Spear - Paradise Road (Glenn Close) - Chariots of Fire - The Agony and the Ecstasy - Joyeaux Noel (subtitled) - The Spirit of St. Louis (Jimmy Stewart) - Boys Town - The Assisi Underground (1984) - A Man for All Seasons (1966) - Schindler’s List (Spielberg) -Children of Huang Shi

Groundhog Day - Back to the Future - Sister Act - Night at the Museum -  Jumpin’ Jack Flash - Maverick -  Mrs. Doubtfire - Going My Way (1944) - You Can't Take it With You (1938) - Old Carol Burnett TV Shows

Castaway - Frequency - Gran Torino - Slumdog Millionaire
12 Angry Men - The Queen - I am David (Jim Caviezel)
Andromeda Strain - Falcon and the Snowman  Shawshank Redemption - Remember the Titans - Shoot to Kill - The Dirty Dozen - Guarding Tess - Babette’s Feast (subtitled) - Au Revoir, Les Enfants (1987) - Late Spring (1949) - The Kite Runner - Under the Same Moon - Awakenings - Article 99
Rocky - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mystery/ Suspense/Thriller
I am Legend - Face Off - Hunt for Red October - The Illusionist - Enemy Mine - The Bone Collector - Hellboy
Spider Man - X-Men (Wolverine!) - FX (Brian Brown) - Iron Man - Anything Hitchcock:  I Confess (1953),   Vertigo, The   Man Who Knew Too Much - Anything Agatha Christie:     And Then There Were None,    Murder on the Orient Express

Henry V, Glory, Spartacus, Zulu, Ben Hur (1959), King of Kings

True Stories of  Heroes
The Scarlett and the Black (Gregory Peck) - St. John Bosco (Flavio Insinna) - Father of Mercy – Don Gnocchi - Pope John Paul II (w/Jon Voight) - St. Teresa of Avila (Concha Velasco)
Molokai (Father Damien) -Padre Pio ( Michele Placido)
Karol – The Pope The Man -The 13th Day (Fatima) - Our Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952) -The Song of Bernadette (1943 and remake) - Maria Goretti (Martina Pinto)
St. Rita (Vittoria Belvedere) - Therese (Defilippis) - The Miracle Worker - St. Anthony (Daniele Liotti) - Faustina
St. Maximillian Kolbe - Mother Teresa - Bonheoffer

Faith Dramas
The Greatest Story Ever Told - Jesus of Nazareth (Zeffirelli)
The Gospel of John (excellent )- Clare and Francis (Ettore Bassi) - Joseph of Nazareth (Ignatius Press) - Teresa of the Andes - The Story of David - The Story of Joseph - The Story of Jacob - Peter and Paul - Saint Peter (Omar Sharif)
Passion of the Christ (2004)

Animated/ Comedy/ Family (for adults,too!)
Up (Pixar) - Ice Age (Pixar) - Finding Nemo - National Velvet
Wizard of Oz - Fantasia (original and remake) - Toy Story
E.T. - Ratatouille