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Leader Training - Full Day

Rose Sweet brings her expertise, heart, and humor to those who are either currently leading SURVIVING DIVORCE groups or those who are planning to run them. Topics covered include:

     * Setting up and promoting your group
     * Handling difficult questions
     * Dealing with different or difficult personalities
     * What to do when someone has a melt-down
     * Offering advice - when and when not
     * How to deal with the annulment question(s)
     * Understanding your role and responsibilities
     * Dealing with burnout - yours or theirs
     * How to handle participants who are dating
     * Sharing the faith in the group setting
     * Setting and enforcing boundaries
     * Confidentiality issues
     * Offering supplementary materials
     * Spotting and selecting future facilitators

The event is fun and interactive with lots of time for Q & A. You can:

seminarSchedule a live Full Training
Picking the Date

Contact Rose Sweet.

Planning the Event
A full-day is best. It allows the most people to attend and is long enough to cover the topics necessary to make the group facilitators feel equipped to lead. Inviting surrounding parishes or dioceses will make for a fun and effective day.  And since Rose is there . . . why not expand the event to add a talk for the area deacons/priests, and an "Evening for the Divorced" ? Ask Rose how.

Deciding the Time
You decide the details (weekday or Saturday) , but Rose will facilitate for six (6)hours starting in the morning (9-10 am), breaking for a short lunch, and ending the session at about 3 - 4 pm. 

Who Should Attend
Those who run a SD group, plan to, or are interested
Priests and deacons who work with the divorced and separated
Catholic or local Christian therapists and counselors

Your Cost
The cost is based on attendance. You may also add (1) the Clergy Mini Training, (2) the Annulment Advocate Pastoral Training, or the (3) Come and See - An Evening for the Divorced at discounted rates. Rose will help you structure and price the event(s) so that most if not all of your costs can be fully recaptured.

The Benefits
Your leaders will be professionally trained and supported; the program will run more smoothly, and the eternal benefits to the separated and divorced and their families are priceless!

Find an already scheduled SURVIVING DIVORCE training event here.

Can't get to a full-day live event yet?
ONLINE MINI TRAINING webinarReview the basic leader training with Rose Sweet in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

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