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Annulment Workshop

It's NOT a "Catholic Divorce!"

Annulment . . . ( correctly defined as a "Decree of Nullity") . . . the word invites what seems to be endless myths, misconceptions, and mistakes. It's time we all knew what the Church REALLY teaches about love, sex, marriage, and what happens when a civil divorce occurs. 

Rose brings her personal experience and her years spent as a lay advocate in helping people with annulments to this day for the divorced or those who work with them. Based on the beautiful and powerful principles found in Pope John JP_IIPaul II's THEOLOGY OF THE BODY, one will be able to understand what must be present at the time of a wedding for the couple's consent to be valid.

Rose covers not only the numerous detailed grounds for annulment but how to prepare and present the most effective Petition, how to assist the witnesses, and what to do if the decision is negative ( invalid consent cannot be proved).

This event can be 4 - 6 hours and planned as part of a larger weekend for the divorce or as a single conference.

Contact ROSE to schedule an event in your area.

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