Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide



Book - Annulments

BOOK - Rebuilding


Please Note: The 'Personal Kit' is simply a set of the DVDs and one Personal Guide for the person who can't get to a local parish group.
It is not intended for use as a parish program since it does not include:

  • The Leader Guide
  • Group Confidentiality forms
  • Group Etiquette forms
  • Registration forms
  • Press Kit, images, flyers and bulletin ads
  • Leader training calls
  • Leader forum access and support
  • Personal guides for each participant

What you get:

$14.95 - One (1) "Personal Guide"
Includes all five "Survival Points" and the three "Take Home Tips" from each of the 12 DVD shows - plus room for notes and/or journaling, and for the children: how to start helpful discussions with them, family prayers and virtues, and a weekly family movie.

$149.95 - NOW $ 124.95 12 DVDs in separate case
Each 30-minute show (approx) is on a separate disc and protective sleeve

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