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Let's face it . . . marriage and family continue to be under attack in our culture, and divorce is just one of the symptoms. Our hearts and homes have been invaded by epidemic selfishness, widespread addictions, drugs, depression, divorce, and even despair.  Is there hope?  Yes! That’s the good news of our Catholic Faith.

We don't encourage or endorse divorce--we simply know it exists and we want to help. The SURVIVING DIVORCE program was created to offer specific resources to help in the healing of the human family. Regardless of where you are after a divorce or separation, we’ll help you and your family find answers to the questions you have. Our products can help restore fullness of health, life, and joy to every family. That’s our promise!

The SURVIVING DIVORCE series was written and co-produced by Rose Sweet, an expert on pastoral issues of divorce and a frequent guest on national radio and television programs. It's designed primarily as a 12-week PARISH PROGRAM (check the "Find a Parish Group" Tab for a parish near you), but the DVDs are also available for individual purchase and use.

RoseRose Sweet was the only speaker on divorce at the World Meeting of Families (Philadelphia 2015), and has been keynote or workshop speaker at the Theology of the Body Congress, the National conference of Catholic Separated and Divorced (The Catholic Divorce Ministry) as well as the National Conference of  Catholic Singles, and NACFLM (National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers). She’s facilitated divorce recovery classes since the early 1990’s and has served in the Diocese of San Bernardino as a lay advocate, working with the tribunal and those divorced or remarried Catholics who are seeking a Decree of Nullity (annulment).

When Rose discovered  the powerful teaching on the "Theology of the Body", she knew she’d finally found a work that explained clearly why marriages work and why they fail; why the human heart longs so desperately for love and how we have been duped into wrong ways of trying to find it.  There IS hope for the divorced to know true love!

Rose’s real “credentials” are her experiences of being a divorced Catholic, of going through the annulment process, and finding the fullness of healing and reconciliation within the Church and through the sacraments.  For more information go to her website at

'Thank you'  to Michael Grasso, director and co-producer of The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide. Michael's worked with notable celebrity talent and has produced and directed in China, Italy, France, Germany, England, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. He has won numerous awards including the prestigious Gold Lion award from the Cannes Film Festival. He has twice been nominated by the Director’s Guild of America for Director of the Year award.

The series is distributed by Ascension Press.
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